Oncologists United

for Climate & Health

Because we are not ready to put our planet on hospice


Our mission is to advance awareness, actions, and policies that mitigate the effects of climate change on cancer incidence, outcomes, and health equity. 



Cancer touches everyone. Even those who are not battling the disease can name a family member, friend, or community member suffering from the effects of cancer. Therefore, oncology health professionals have a unique voice in being able to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on cancer incidence and outcomes and galvanizing decision makers at all levels (individual, professional, institutional, community, policy, etc.) to act on climate change.


Our goals

Our goals are to connect any and all oncology healthcare professionals locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally and to identify and promote actionable steps in climate mitigation, advocacy, and research efforts.

Join Us Today

Protecting this planet and its people will take all of us. Join us today as we embark on solving the greatest public health challenge. For those who are oncologists or oncology trainees, be sure to sign up for our ASCO Global Oncology Interest Group (limited to ASCO members; membership is free for students and trainees). Members of the general public can Contact Us for information about how to make a positive impact in your area.